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ATTENTION! This page is in alpha testing – that means it is being internally tested and is not to be used by anyone but the webmaster! It will not work as expected! Thank you.

Page Upload

This is the page-upload tool. Before uploading your web page, please do the following:

  1. Spell check your document.
  2. Ensure that your document follows the guidelines - i.e., does its coding comply with XHTML and GHSCC specs?
  3. Check that any images you specifically need on your page (Not stuff like common headers, but any images you specifically created or need to link to) are:
    • Yours to post, or
    • Not under copyright. Remember, copyright is automatically granted to an author, so you need explicit permission for using someone else's images.
  4. Remember that the XHTML file is required. Also, it cannot contain any server-side scripting. If you need PHP on your page, also submit a PHP file. You can set $contentVar[] keys and values as you wish. Then any <<php><content-x>> instances (where x represents any $contentVar[] key you set) will be stripped out of the XHTML file and replaced with the value of the key you set, even if that value is null (nothing, but set).

Necessary fields are bold.

Your file(s)

Please select the XHTML (and optionally, PHP) files you need to upload. Note: filename doesn't matter; they'll be renamed.
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PHP file


Believe it or not, metadata is very important. We use it to organize the site. Visitors will be able to search for files based on this metadata. Page titles will be shown in browser windows and on hovers over the navigation. Description may be used when searching. As far as guidelines go:

  1. KISS - Keep it simple, stupid! Long titles and descriptions are generally bad.
  2. Use keywords! Does your article use any buzzwords? As much as is reasonable, try to include any keywords pertinent to your topic.
  3. Do not include something like " -" in your page title. Something like that will be automatically added to the page. Doing so will not only result in a duplicate, but will mess up the hover titles on the navigation.

Please describe the page completely and accurately, yet concisely.
Page title
Page description

Page Author

Public URL (Including before AND after slashes, and NO periods - only use lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores.) [/just/like/this/]
Requested page ID number (not recommended)

Images sys: page.php supplies <<php><page-id>> value to content XHTML file, always. Uploaded images stored in /content/[content_id]/ with original names (validate them!!) so uploader can refer to them like this: <img src="/content/<<php><content_id>>/my-pic.gif" alt="Pic of me" title="" />.

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