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One of the purposes of our club and website is to help people learn about technology and help them with computer-related problems. One way we’d like to do that is by making this question-and-answer forum available for you. Please ask us anything on your mind using the form below, and we will post the answer here!

Past Questions and Answers

Why, when they talk about printer inks, is black represented by “K” in CMYK?
—Ben Heald
Most printers use four inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and BlacK. These four inks are often abbreviated as “CMYK”. There seem to be two reasons why they don’t use “B” instead of “K”. First, it can stand for Key, because black ink is often used as a reference to register the other colors. (No, that doesn't make much sense to me, either.) The second reason is that it just stands for “blacK”, and they didn’t want to use “B” so as to avoid confusion with the “B” in “RGB”, which stands for Red, Green and Blue and is the set of colors used on screens as opposed to printers.
—Alan Hogan

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