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Privacy Policy

Those of us behind the scenes of the GHS Computer Club website,, promise to respect your privacy. We do not share your information with anyone else, and we never use information you provide for questionable uses. Details follow.

  • We will never, ever, ever sell any of your personal information to anyone.
  • If you contact us via the Q&A page, your name and question may appear on our website.
  • We use cookies and sessions to enable log-in functionality and visitor preferences for skins and themes. We may use cookies and sessions for other purposes, but will not tie them with your personal information.
  • We may look at IP addresses. We will not and cannot use this to identify exactly who you are—only what your ISP is. We will do this only to answer questions no more specific than “who is going to our website, just people from Greenville?” or “How many of our visitors are using school computers?” The only exception is that we may use an IP address or other remote information in cases where we are trying to determine the validity of a message from the contact form. This can be avoided by supplying an email address. In fact, we would only take those measures in the case that we have sufficient reason to verify an identity. No matter what, the only people permitted to see that information, ever, are the webmaster and faculty sponsor (and administration if necessary).
  • Visitors who log in may be assured that their passwords are stored as “hashes”, ensuring that even if our server were to be hacked, their passwords would be unreadable.
  • This privacy policy is subject to change.

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