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GHS Computer Club

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About Club Donations

The Greenville High School Computer Club provides opportunities for students to experience and work with new emerging computer technologies. These technologies include digital photography, graphic design, Microsoft Certification, running a business by selling items on Ebay, exploring new technological devices such as Memory Keys and CD/DVD burners, virus threats, and Internet and network security.

To keep providing these opportunities to its members, we need to purchase computer related equipment and software. The club raises funds by conducting fundraisers. Nevertheless, let's face it - selling candy bars can only generate a limited amount of funds. We need more than the funds raised by the club members to really make a difference.

That is where you come in. If you would like to provide our students with a real-life learning experience they will remember, please give us a hand and contribute to the GHS Computer Club. Any donation will help enable us to purchase, upgrade, and improve our equipment - so we can continue to broaden and enrich our students' learning. In return for your generous donation, we will add your name and/or company and logo to our donation page on our website.

Be assured the GHS Computer Club has always utilized the funds received to benefit the club and its members. We spend everything we have on getting and introducing new computer technology to our members. In addition, we want to do more of that - with your help.

To make a donation, or for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Previous Benefactors

Our donors are the people and businesses that have pledged to make a difference in our members’ lives.

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