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Make This Site Your Homepage

A How-To

Make your homepage to stay abreast of club happenings. You’ll never miss another club meeting because you didn’t know about it!

The Simple Way

Simply drag one of these links onto your “home” button.  If your browser asks if you’re sure, tell it yes.

That’s really all there is to it.

The following is unnecessary if you follow the above instructions!  The following was written a while back and it seemed a shame to actually delete it.

Internet Explorer: How-To

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Use the Tools menu – click Internet Options...
  • You should be in the General tab. Under the heading Home page, type into the Address box.
  • Click OK.

Mozilla Firefox: How-To

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Use the Tools menu – click Options...
  • You should be in the General section, under the heading Home Page. Type into the Location(s) text box.
  • Click OK.

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